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Marvin sighed and idly wandered up the stone steps to the cavern’s land entrance. He made it to the tunnel that led to the surface and grumbled in annoyance when his feet sank into the familiar feeling of mud and water. The storm was still raging and its downpour was flooding the tunnel. It never did have any proper drainage for all the water. Nearing the entrance, Marvin gazed up at the sky and noted that the downpour wouldn’t be ending any time soon. He clenched his injured arm and barred himself against the bite of the howling wind.

“Sssay,” came a voice that managed to hold itself above the howl of the storm. The head of an Arbok slid closely into view. It eyed Marvin with a pair of sinister yellow eyes and Marvin eyed it back not in the least startled by it. “Sspare me a refuge in your den, old Marvin? A cursed tree all but crushed mine.”

“Crushed yers?” scoffed Marvin. “Yer spake as though yer had wan ter begin with, Thrax.

Thrax was known all too well in the area. Ever since his younger years, Marvin had recalled Thrax being nothing but a nuisance. He could recall several dozen occasions where teams from the guild had been called to go after him, and it didn’t seem how much time he spent in lock up, the years never served to tame his wretched behaviour.  A vagrant with malice intent. A reputation that was well earned after numerous rumours told by mothers who found their children and young missing from their cribs, whenever they accommodated him.

Marvin was never one to hold true to rumours and fear mongering. Usually on days like this, he would take pity and accommodate the Arbok until the storm’s passing, but today was different. With two young children asleep and under his care, Marivin wasn’t about to permit a potential predator into his den.

Marvin stood his ground and spoke firmly, maybe a bit too harshly. Maybe it was the pain in his arm, or the grey sky, or the fact that he was an old bugger that could do nothing but sit on his arse and wait for death to take him in his sleep. “Not today, Thrax. Go bug someone else.”

Thrax recoiled at the response and hissed at Marvin viciously. Thrax was a bulky Arbok, long and powerfully built, there was no question that he could have swept past the injured Marvin with ease, but Marvin knew him better than that. Despite his size and strength, Thrax was one of the more cowardly folk that Marvin had met in his life, one that tried to hide his lack of nerve behind a sharp set of fangs and a chorus of hisses. And that’s all Marvin ever saw him as, fangs and hisses.

Thrax eyed Marvin over once more before turning to leave, he noticed Marvin’s injured arm. “Get well soon, Marvin. Injured folk your age tend not to last for much longer.”

Marvin’s eyes followed him as he slithered off into the storm. “Fool,” muttered Marvin under his own breath before heading back down into the cavern.

He sloshed his way through the flooded tunnel and made his way down the stone steps down into the cavern. He took note of the Charmander and Totodile still asleep near the fireplace. He wondered when they would awaken, it would be nice to have someone to talk to now that Narda had gone out for the evening, the social butterfree that she was.

It was then that Marvin sat down at the table, an old and makeshift thing that sat in the centre of the cavern. It was there that he placed something that he hoped would shed some light on the two boys. A journal, one bearing the same emblem as the two boy’s armbands. It remained undamaged by the rain, but to Marvin’s horror seemed to be stained with blood that oddly enough didn’t wash off in the rain.

Marvin opened the journal and cast his eyes on its text which made his head swirl with confusion. Marvin couldn’t read a word of it. Written in odd runes, it was. Yet they all looked familiar, like he had seen them before. Somewhere, deep within a cave, or was it a mountain pass…Marvin could not recall. He flicked through the pages, some of which contained beautifully drawn sketches. One that caught his interest was found towards the start of the journal, only a few pages in.

She was the most beautiful Charizard Marvin had ever laid his eyes on, her beauty only matched by the fierceness that the sketch managed to catch in her eyes. Did this journal perhaps belong to her? And were these children perhaps hers? Marvin shuddered to think of what may have happened to her if the boys truly did come from Prismatic Jungle. So engrossed was Marvin in this journal, that he failed to notice the splashing of water from the top of the stone steps, or the silent slither of purple scales across the stone floor.

He had no idea what Thrax was planning or what he really intended when his tail struck Marin and sent him flying into the wall of the cavern. The table was knocked aside and the journal with it. Marvin cried out in shock and cringed when his head struck solid rock.

Decades of combat experience kicked in, but they all meant precious little in a body aged and ravaged by time. Marvin felt muscles once stronger than iron falter, he felt bones that could once handle anything crack, he felt what was once a sharp mind spin in confusion as he struggled to come to terms with his attacker. He struggled to his feet, faltering at least twice before being able to steady himself against the cavern wall. He stared down Thrax and snarled at him. He was old, but he wasn’t about to let this lowlife finish him here.

Thrax came at him, jaws gaping wide, ready to clamp down on the seemingly defenceless old Floatzel. With his good arm, Marvin lifted the table’s chair and wedged it between Thrax’s jaws, keeping them pried open. The Arbok hissed and seethed with anger at Marvin, his yellow eyes fill with desperation and hate. He forced Marvin up against the wall, the chair being the only thing separating Marvin from the venom soaked fangs of the Arbok’s gob.

“Narda…” wheezed Marvin, trying to call for his friend. He could barely speak, Thrax had forced the wind from his lungs. He summoned what little strength he had and shot a Water Gun into Thrax’s belly. The sudden blast of water sent the Arbok recoiling back onto the floor where he landed with a slap. Thrax continued to violently thrash his head about until the chair came loose from his mouth, sending it flying against the wall where it exploded into pieces.

Marvin seethed with anger. Dat wus Her favourite chair, yer blasted kont!

He was old, weak, and careless. How could he allow himself to turn his back on this thug? Thrax came at him again, jaws snapping wildly. Marvin ducked rolled and moved as quickly as his aged and damaged body could carry him, which was surprisingly fast enough, Thrax’s size did little to make him nimble.

Marvin knew that if he could keep this up, he could – SMACK – Thrax’s tail soon came to bare and sent Marvin skidding across the cavern floor until he neared the pool. Marvin felt the jagged rocks of the pool side tear at his flesh, gashing him across his forehead. His arm was screaming with pain, come to think of it most of his body seemed to have join the choir of screams from the rest of his body.

Anger was no longer enough to fuel his diminishing supplies of strength. He began to rise, but was swiftly smacked back down by the very tail that had sent him skidding across his home, the home he was trying to protect. He simply panted and gasped for air. He had failed, yet again. Save now he would endure the fate he deserved, where he should have died along those he once held dear.

Miles…Cindy…I’m sorry. Daddy’s coming…

He managed to roll onto his back and gazed up at the cavern ceiling, just before his vision was mired by a pair of menacing yellow eyes that bared down on him. A set of fangs slowly followed, coated in dripping streams of venom. Marvin was about to clamp his eyes shut, but thankfully was able to refrain from doing so for a moment longer.

Fire flashed before his eyes, so fast was it that he barely noticed a young Charmander engulfed in flame, charging into Thrax’s side. The hiss that followed was so high pitched that it nearly resembled a scream. So off guard was Thrax taken that he was thrown to the ground in a near instant.

Marvin soon felt a pair of hands under his arms and soon the floor was sliding underneath him as he was dragged further away from his attacker by a pair of shockingly powerful arms. The Totodile was soon at his side, looking down at him. The menace and confusion that was mired his eyes before was gone, they now seemed as calm as pools of still water. “Keep back,” he whispered to him, before charging in after the Charmander.

Thrax swiped his tail around in an attempt to sweep the Charmander aside, but the nimble boy simply jumped it like it were no more than a skipping rope. He vaulted himself at Thrax’s head, his hands finding purchase around the Arbok’s neck. A burst of flame came from the Charmander’s mouth, searing Thrax’s head in a blaze of fire. The Arbok screamed as the smell of burnt flesh filled the cavern. He fell back once more and flailed about on the ground. Still the Charmander clung on. Marvin’s relief soon turned to horror. The Charmander’s face was writhe with uncontained fury the likes of which he had seen in only the most heinous of madmen.

The Totodile soon joined and with his own strength pinned the huge Arbok down, his arms seemed like iron restraints keeping Thrax from rising once more. Marvin simply gaped at the sight. Two youngsters not even past their first state of evolution were overpowering the largest Arbok he had ever seen in his long-lived life.

Thrax was panicking, desperation fueled his efforts. He was snapping up at the Charmander with his vicious fangs but like lightning the Charmander simply swung left and right to avoid the snaps of the lethal fangs. He moved so fast Marvin’s eyes could barely keep in pace with him, but he was sure to keep pace of what followed next. With just as much speed, the Charmander’s arms soon found purchase around the top and bottom of Thrax’s jaws, forcing them open. Thrax forced his jaws to close as hard as he could, but try as he may, he could not close them, the Charmander had more strength in his arms than the Arbok had in most of his damn body.

With a roar, the Charmander began to force the jaws open, wider and wider until they could go no further, but to Marvin’s horror, the boy made them go further. Marvin’s gut wrenched as he heard Thrax’s screams begin to fade out to the sound of bones crackling, crackling that soon became snapping, and snapping that soon gave way to the unmistakable gurgling of blood in the back of one’s throat. Thrax tried to wriggle free, but try as he may the Totodile was there to hold him still and bite large chunks out of whatever part of Thrax’s body moved too much, severing muscles and tendons.

Marvin simply watched on, his eyes wide with shock and horror and what the two boys, who just hours ago were weakened and battered by the storm, were capable of. With the Arbok’s jaws taken care of, the Charmander set his attention back on its throat and, with the help the Totodile, began to strangle what life remained out of Thrax. The Arbok’s tail still thrashed slightly and continued to whisk about, hoping in vain to strike at something…then it fell still forever.

Panting, both the Charmander and the Totodile rose from their kill, their eyes turned to Marvin. Gone was the anger and hatred from the Charmander’s eyes, replaced now by a smug sense of satisfaction.

“Righto then, Mr. Know-It-All,” he addressed the Totodile with a pair of crossed arms. He then turned his attention to Marvin. “Who the fuck might this old bugger be?”

Part 3 of the "This New Life" series. A sequel to the "That Other Life" series. 
An interlude to Tales of Elysium.   

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Following the destruction of their home and the gruesome death of their parents at the hands of a mysterious horror, Vagus the Totodile and his older brother, Mycaelis the Charmander, now find themselves alone, orphaned, and in a world they know nothing of. The two brothers must now confide within each other more than ever as they seek to find a purpose for their unnatural abilities in this new world...and challenge the evil that claimed the lives of their parents.

Sly: Damn! Sorry this one took so long, guys. Hope you all haven't become skeletons during the wait.  

Thumbnail by :iconhaychel:

Silence filled the empty home long after the intruders had gone. The window shutters flung open, the door caved in. The table and plates were shattered, the armchairs destroyed, blooming flowers of cotton from their ruptured fabric. From the door and past the living room, the floor was slick with fresh blood. 

Every so often, this horrid vision would play out before Marvin. 

Crying, someone he once loved was struck down and slammed. The children watched on in horror, frozen in place as their young eyes watch on. What else were children to do when their mother couldn't scream for them to run? Her mouth was held shut by a hand made from steel, her teary eyes trying to speak for her. Before their voice could be heard, the floor was already awash with blood. The terrified children stood paralyzed in place, not knowing what to do. Fate decided for them and sent a pair of blades to slit their throats. One and one, and then they stood no more.

She watched on as they fell, laughter came from all around. The iron hand around her mouth grew tighter as her assailant grew more wretched. She was up against the wall now, the force of a strong pair of hands forcing her against it. She knew what was to come next. She didn’t care. Nothing was worth living for now.

When he was done with her, he cast her to the next. Then another, then another, another, and another. Before she could be thrown to the next, she allowed herself to have the last laugh. Casting herself upon the blade of a Scyther, she allowed herself one last look at her fallen children and went to join them in paradise. It wasn’t as painful as she would have thought when the blade entered her abdomen and exited her back. She could hear the intruders moans of despair when their plaything escaped. 

Panting and covered in sweat, Marvin shot up from his bed made from reeds. He gasped and fell back down on his back, relieved that it was over. The visions he had experienced countless times, yet it still managed to hit him like a ton of bricks. He cringed, feeling a jolt of pain rush up from his wounded arm, which he now had in a splint. He turned his head and looked over at the little critter that had caused the ghastly wound.

The Totodile was asleep along with the Charmander, snoozing away on a bed of reeds by the fireplace. The Totodile  had collapsed instantly on the makeshift bed the moment Marvin had presented him before it. Lying by the warmth of the fireplace and comforted by their own bed of reeds, the two young ones seemed completely at peace. Marvin couldn’t get a word out of either of them before they fell asleep.

Rising from his bed and clutching his wounded arm, Marvin could only look upon them with a puzzled expression. These two children, whoever they were, evoked a feeling that simply refused to sit well with him. The well-aged Floatzel had come across many oddities in his long and adventurous life. He had ventured into chasms deep and caves eternal, he had reached the summits of the tallest mountains and braved the fiercest storms, but few things had ever unsettled Marvin this deeply.

The look that Totodile gave  him when it snapped at his arm, it seemed almost feral, like it had no understanding of the world. His emerald green eyes seemed awash with confusion, yet he tried desperately to conceal them behind the snapping of a lethal pair of jaws. Marvin had many questions; ones that he hoped would be answered when the two boys awoke.

Still fatigued from lack of sleep, Marvin waddled over to a nearby pool of water that was at the end of this underground cave he called a home. Marvin’s home was an interesting one, to be sure. A small underground cavern, situated near the bottom of the lake he had found the two children near. At one end of the cavern there was a deep pool of water which was actually part of a flooded cave system that lead out to the depths of the lake itself. His dear and long-time friend, Narda the Lanturn, was able to swim in freely in from the lake and poke her head up from the pool to say hello, or more likely drive Marvin up the wall with her endless banter.

On the other end of the cavern, a rocky set of stone steps lead up to a tunnel. One could use it to climb up to the surface on the land and find themselves close to the shore of the lake. It was rarely ever used. Narda had no use for it, Marvin had little use for it, and it was rare indeed that guests ever came calling.

But the cavern’s most astonishing feature, the feature that Marvin had come to admire and made him take it as his home, were the collations of glowing crystals that were embedded in the rock walls and ceiling of the cavern. Each one shone with the light of a star in the night sky and illuminated the cavern with a glowing splendour of colour.

The thought of even trying to extract one of them to be sold revolted Marvin. He always saw their beauty as being beyond currency. He also enjoyed not having to use flaming torches that would have smoked up the cavern and constantly need replacing and relighting. The smoke from the fireplace, however, always seemed to find ventilation to the surface. Marvin had never explored why that was, his exploration days were long gone. Now, he had but to sit and enjoy the remainder of his life.

Holding his injured arm above the water, Marvin slipped into the pool. The cold early-morning water of the lake bit at him, almost as hard as a certain Totodile. That was only for a split moment, and soon Marvin sighed in relief, feeling the cold water rejuvenate his aging body after a rough night’s sleep.

At that moment, a glowing yellow light began to appear beneath the surface of the pool. It continued to grow progressively brighter until the head of a Lanturn broke the surface of the pool’s waters just before Marvin. He back up a little, bringing his arms up around the edge of the pool to support him from sliding in.

“Morning to ya, Marvin.” Narda chimed, her ever-present smile making his heart warm against the chill of the water. “How’s ya arm doin’?”

The question seemed to irritate him. The pain in his arm reminded him of a time when he was in his prime, young and fit, and wounds like this would be almost healed by the following morning. Now he would be stumbling around like an old fool for a week. “Feck, woman!” he snapped. “It hurts like a son of a-”

“Oh, stop yer complanin’, yer big sook, you!” Narda never did like to hear the complaints of an old fellow. She was younger than him by at least five summers, or was it ten? He couldn’t seem to recall nowadays. But Marvin did know for a fact that he had been old enough to remember when she first hatched.

“Fecks sake, woman!” snapped Marvin. “That Totodile’s a freak, I tell ya. Freak! Ti’ took every ounce of strength in me just to calm him down.”

“Shh! You’ll wake them, ya dammed fool,” Narda hissed.

Both friends looked upon the children in silence.

Narda adjusted her head and used her bulbs to illuminate them better. “They still sleeping, eh’ she observed, “Look at the state of them, Marvin, they must have been traveling far. Tis no wonder why they were perishin’”

“Aye,” Marvin agreed, scratching the back of his head. He continued to observe the children while they slept. They looked so peaceful now, finally at rest. Like any other innocent child.

“How fare’s the Charmander?” Narda asked.

“Lashings better than what he wus doin' oyt dare in dat storm.” He turned to Narda, an anxious look in his eyes. ‘Narda, I tink dare is somethin' wrong wi' dees laddies.’

“How’d ya figure that?”

“What wud two laddies be doin' wanderin' raun in a storm loike dat? No parents, no family. Den they clobber me, de first person they meet.” He lifted his wounded arm before Narda.

Narda seemed just as perplexed as he was, something that she rarely ever was. “I have no idea. Where yer suppose they come from? 'Av yer seen dem raun town?”

“Naw. I ever seen their sort raun anywhere. They’re wearin' armbands de likes av which I 'av never seen.”

Narda nudged forward in her pool, squinting her eyes to get a better look at the Totodile’s band. Her eyes seemed to suddenly widen after a moment. Something must have clicked in that inspiring mind of hers. “Marivin, how far be Prismatic Jungle from ‘ere?”

Marvin took a moment to think. He had occasionally frequented the outskirts of the jungle, and even ventured in slightly. He had never gone in too deep, though. Prismatic Jungle had always had an ominous reputation about it; there were always outlaws, and the mentally deranged that hid within. But in the past decade or so, the jungle had become a place of sheer terror. Nowadays, no one who went in too deep ever came back out, and the ones that did, emerged half mad with fear, screaming stories of monsters in the shadows that tore apart entire exploration teams.

Most of the losses came from his former guild, The Prospectors Guild. It was the only local guild left in these parts of Oat and the old guild master, Carlos the Cinccino, was becoming desperate for some finds in that area. Marvin had always opposed his guild master in every decision that regarded that accursed jungle. As nasty as the thought was, Marvin hoped that Carlos’ age would eventually take him, and that the guild would come under new administration, one that would put its teams to better use and value their lives better.

“It’s ‘bout a full day’s walk, if yer fit enough,’ Marvin finally said to her, answering her question.  “’Ave yer ‘eard somethin’?”

Narda took a moment to ponder upon Marvin’s response. Narda may have only ever been confined to the waters of Oat lake where she had lived her entire life, but that had never stopped her from being the sociable kind. Marvin often wondered if Narda knew everyone there was to know. She was always off talking to couples that strolled by the lake, or convening with her circle of underwater friends to gossip and spread rumour, true or false.

Marvin never looked kindly on the notion of gossip and rumour spreading. But not even he could deny that Narda was a swimming encyclopaedia of knowledge when it came to knowing everything about anyone. The thing he had always found most bewildering was the fact that she was always right about what she knew.

“There’s rumours,” she began, “stories about folk living within the jungle. That there is a group, a small one, which wear strange armbands. Stories say that they are death incarnate, that they have carved out their own territory in the jungle and have slaughtered hundreds who have dared to intrude upon them,”

“Hundreds?” Marvin almost recoiled in shock. Could this have been where the lost teams had vanished to? He had met several of the survivors, not that there were that many to begin with, and he had always heard their maddened rambling of shadows and blaring red eyes. Most of the poor sods never did recover.

Marvin then turned to the two seemingly innocent children that slept on his forfeited bed by the fireplace. Neither of them looked like they could have come from the shadows that terrorised so many, and neither did they have the blaring red eyes that struck fear into the hearts of so many.

For once in his life, Marvin really hoped that Narda was wrong and that these rumours were simply what they were; rumours. Despite his doubts, a fear began to trickle into the back of his mind and he began to wonder what sort of terror he had just brought into his home. To his surprise, the visions of his nightmares came to mind. The last time he had brought terror to a place he once called home, it had cost him everything he held dear in this world.

Part 2 of the "This New Life" series. A sequel to the "That Other Life" series. 
An interlude to Tales of Elysium.   

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Following the destruction of their home and the gruesome death of their parents at the hands of a mysterious horror, Vagus the Totodile and his older brother, Mycaelis the Charmander, now find themselves alone, orphaned, and in a world they know nothing of. The two brothers must now confide within each other more than ever as they seek to find a purpose for their unnatural abilities in this new world...and challenge the evil that claimed the lives of their parents.

Sly: A charmander’s tail flame on a dry straw bed; if that logic is good enough for the games, its good enough for this story.

Thumbnail by :iconhaychel:

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Hey, all. Please go to :iconhaychel:'s journal to see my announcement of our collaboration project with all you fine PMDe peeps.
Take a look at the info and do your best to contribute. Good luck!



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